Decorative Concrete Paving

Castacrete manufactured paving has been designed to accommodate a wide variety of tastes whilst making it affordable by all.  Styles ranging from traditional through to contemporary, we are confident that we are able to suffice your requirements to create that tranquil and blissful outdoor space.  The manufactured paving we offer comes in an array of different colours, sizes and shapes.  We have many years of experience in the manufacturing field of decorative concrete products, which has enabled us to produce complementary accompaniments designed to fulfil your desired look.

Rutland Pre-Packed Collection

The Rutland Pre-Packed Paving Collection has been designed to re-create the look of Natural Stone…

Rutland Paving Collection

Rutland paving is a high profile riven finished decorative concrete paving product…

Courtyard Paving Collection

Courtyard Paving has been designed to give the appearance…

Traditional Paving Collection

Having a simulated stone finish that re-produces the attractive appearance of natural stone with a slightly riven face…

Premier Riven Paving Collection

Premier Riven Paving lends itself to any landscape project…

Pressed Riven Paving Collection

Our Pressed Riven Collection is a superior pressed flagstone

Textured Paving Collection

Castacretes' textured paving is an alternative to the popular riven finished paving

Circle Collection

Castacretes’ circle range has been designed to complement and accompany

Tumbled Walling Collection

The tumbled walling collection has been designed to give the appearance of natural stone

Split Walling and Pitch Walling Collection

Our split walling comes in one colour and four different sizes

Pressed Smooth Paving Collection

Pressed Smooth Paving is available in four colours, as well as a selection of sizes