Calibrated Sandstone & Limestone Paving Collection

This Calibrated Sandstone and Limestone Collection offers a choice of ten attractive colours in natural hand cut, that have been selected to provide you with a wide array of choice. All the stone is packed at our supply facilities in India and comes from their own approved quarries. This not only assures a top quality product but also a stone that has been ethically sourced and produced.

Raj Sandstone

Also known as Raj Green

Grey Sandstone

Also known as Khandla grey

Camel Sandstone

Predominantly light beige/silver tones

Mint Sandstone

Also referred to as Fossil Mint

Modak Sandstone

Predominantly light brown and beige

Autumn Brown Sandstone

With the natural brown, red, orange and buff

Two-Tone Sandstone

With the combination of buff and grey tones

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone

With the natural mellow golden

Panther Sandstone

With warm muted shades of beige, grey and

Sagar Black Sandstone

Predominantly a charcoal tone

Raveena Sandstone

With its light grey undertone

Black Limestone

Also known as Kota Black

Blue Limestone

This is a solid slate grey/pastel blue

Yellow Limestone

With its light green undertone