Porcelain Collection

Italian Porcelain is becoming increasing popular, due to its ability to achieve opulence in its greatest form.  The porcelain incorporates natural properties that cannot help but deliver the look of luxury and splendour, regardless of the environment.  The versatility of the porcelain means it has the capabilities to create indoor or outdoor spaces of splendour which can be savoured all year round.

Town Collection

The 600x600 Town is available in four different colours and has been carefully selected to offer a range of solutions to suit all budgets and project styles. Equally still bringing a tasteful low-key tone which will help any space become fresh and modern.

Optimal Collection

The 600x900 Optimal is available in five different colours and is a stunning range which is perfect for those seeking minimalism whilst keeping its charm and sophistication. Large enough to create the feeling of open spaciousness whilst not looking oversized for most gardens.

Etna Collection

The Etna Range has been carefully selected for its durability, serviceability in conjunction with its charming natural characteristics. With its natural looking Stone effect properties and selection of colours, whether it be a traditional or contemporary look you are aiming for, there is no doubt that you will be enchanted by the result. Available in one size and three complimentary colour combinations this range will undoubtedly generate praise and admiration.

Foresta Collection

The Foresta Range has been carefully selected for its sustainability, functionality and above all else its captivating features. The composition of the Foresta Range with its natural looking woodgrain effect surface and combination of colours, this product cannot fail to re-create the more traditional rustic yet contemporary aged timber flooring effect that is becoming increasingly popular. Available in one size and three complimentary colours the characteristics of this collection is guaranteed to mesmerize.

Arena Holz Collection

This range of Italian Porcelain has been designed to re-create the subtle timber plank look whilst incorporating opulence and unquestionable quality. Available in three different colours and one size. Whether you are looking to produce a contemporary, traditional or rustic finish, this can be achieved by using the colours individually or collectively.

Timber Collection

An authentic aged timber look to any garden, but without the depreciation decline associated with real wood. Being porcelain, it’s strong, durable, highly resistant to staining, unaffected by weather conditions and resistant to colour fading.

Blue Collection

Having a mottled looking finish on the surface this porcelain will not look out of place in all weather conditions giving a tactile experience.

Tracks Collection

Taking it’s style from limestone without the same level of maintenance. Tracks is Perfect for those with an eye for contemporary style aligning itself with a vibrant and alfresco vibe.

Evoque Collection

Bold and strong and an ideal choice for those looking for a contemporary vision whilst creating an airy and light expansive space regardless of setting.

Contrada Collection

With an array of different colours naturally deposited throughout, and the natural rustic charm properties of this collection, the suitability and versatility is unbounded.

Ciottoli Rock Setts Collection

This range of tumbled porcelain has been designed to re-create the rustic charm of cobbled paving, yet with the added bonus of the elegance and opulence that porcelain offers. Available in three colours and two sizes its versatility knows no bounds.

Blacksheep Collection

With a very slight mottled and riven textured finish, the rustic look can easily be achieved. Available in three colours and 1200mm x 600mm pieces the versatility of this product is limitless.

Aruba Collection

With a natural slight riven textured finish and slight flecks throughout, this sumptuous porcelain range is suitable for all occasions. Available in three colours and 1000mm x 500mm pieces a seamless look can be achieved be it large or small.

Granite Collection

With its clean, contemporary and luxurious appearance, this range of exquisite porcelain lends itself to the contemporary or traditional market. Available in two colours and one size the results to be achieved with this are inexhaustible.

Arpegio Collection

Bursting with character offering an authentic individual look that still has the benefits of a porcelain tile. Vibrant and effortless with a luxurious finish.

Downtown Collection

Our Downtown paving is ideal for sleek and modern outdoor spaces, offering clean lines and a smooth finish for gardens and commercial exteriors of all sizes. Available in three classic shades, the 750x750 Downtown perfectly compliments the surrounding colours of nature

Pietra Collection

Our 600x1200 Pietra creates a sense of space and openness thanks to its rectangular shape, allowing you to make the most of even the smallest spaces. Whether you have a contemporary or classic style, our choice of four neutral but striking colours makes the Pietra the perfect choice for any garden.

Ardesia Collection

Ardesia, has been inspired by the classic antiquity of ancient Italy and created from natural slate.

Castello Collection

Castello, was inspired by the elegance and grace of ancient Italy tumbled stone, adding an image of classical antiquity.

Colosseo Collection

The Colosseo range exudes opulence and excellence.

Calanca Plank Collection

Calanca has been inspired by the original stone found in the Swiss region of Calanca.

Atelier Collection

The Atelier range exudes opulence and excellence. It has a rustic yet contemporary feel. Its versatility has no limits

Duomo Collection

With its smooth finish and a slight granular texture to the surface, giving it a natural non-slip property

Cassetta Collection

This range of Italian Porcelain has been designed to re-create the subtle timber plank look whilst incorporating opulence and unquestionable quality.

Poseidon Collection

Poseidon, has been inspired by the classic antiquity of ancient Italy.

Valsusa Collection

Exquisite yet subtle with a blend of speckled tones. The Valsusa porcelain tile is ideal for assisting a space in creating a variety of ambiances